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Efficient CIPP Sewer Repair in Spokane, WA, and Nearby Areas

Technology has greatly improved how sewer line technicians do their work. Several methods of sewer construction and repair have been developed to replace the traditional ones. At Shaw Trenchless, we strive to offer the best minimally invasive solutions to our customers. CIPP (Cure-in-Place-Pipe-Lining) is one of the common methods we use.


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What Is CIPP?

CIPP or Cured In Place Pipe lining is a trenchless repair process that involves creating new pipes within the existing ones that are either leaking or have signs of damage. CIPP pipe repair is ideal for sewer-related emergencies such as pipe bursts or damaged pipes caused by cracks. Rest assured that our trenchless technicians are highly trained in the use of the most advanced CIPP methods to rehabilitate sewer pipes.

Steps Involved in CIPP

  • Discover or create the best access point to begin the process of installation of cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner.

  • Removal of debris from the existing pipe using the hydro-jetting method.

  • Turning off the water and informing residents.

  • Install new liner within the current host pipe via Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) liner method.

  • Expose the inner liner to heat creating a brand new (stronger) pipe on the interior of the previously existing line.

  • Re-establish connection from the home to the City or County sewer main wherever the access was made to start the process.

  • Obtain a City or County sewer line inspection.

Common Issues We Address with CIPP

Comparing CIPP with Other Repair Services

CIPP offers many benefits compared to other traditional repair methods. It is non-invasive, meaning it doesn’t cause a lot of disruptions during the repair process. CIPP is also cost-effective and efficient. It also increases the lifespan of your sewer line pipes.


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